Patient Testimonials

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An Avid Bowler Feels a Difference After Just 6 Weeks of Treatment

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Off the Couch and Living Life Again

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CEO was unable to safely walk up and down stairs to get to his office.

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Missionary had tried everything, but nothing worked.

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Truck driver couldn't feel his feet.

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A nursing student couldn't feel to do fine motor movements with fingers.

"This is the real deal!!! My dad was suffering horribly. Seeing amazing, life-changing results. The best thing we ever did !! If you suffer from neuropathy you should definitely go in for a consult and find out more about this. I'm glad we did."

- Leslie

"Dr. Greg is my new neuropathy guide, been with him for 3 months, and tremendous improvement... Staff is wonderful and all geared to help."

- George

"My wife and I were at our wit's end not knowing where to turn or what to do to stop my downward spiraling and impaired health condition. Thankfully, a friend who had witnessed similar symptoms in a family member recommended Dr. Grochowski, as his treatment of her father's condition had basically shown to be miraculous progress. We felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. After just a short time, my balance has returned, my glucose levels are well within normal limits and my gait and ability to perform simple tasks like standing and walking have improved dramatically and continue to do so as I continue my commitment to this program under the guidance and expertise of Dr. Grochowski."

- Ray

"This therapy has been a life changer for me. Dr. Greg is the best. Very professional and understands exactly what you need. Highly recommended."

- Angela

"Dr. Greg and Melanie are amazing! I initially went in with pain and was losing mobility. Now I have a great maintenance plan and have regained some valuable flexibility and best of all I am pain-free! If you are looking for personal service with a caring and skilled provider go see them. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks for all you have done to help me."

- Liz

"I can't say how much this place has helped me, something no doctor ever did! I used to be in a lot of pain in all joint areas of my body but since being treated here that pain has diminished a great deal. Dr. G is awesome and actually cares about your concerns, and Melanie at the front desk is lovely to talk to every time I come in."

- Ashlyn

"So glad I decided to come to Dr. Greg Grochowski. He has helped me tremendously and has a wonderful personality. And as a Senior Olympian, I can really tell a big difference in all of my events. I highly recommend him."

- Walt


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